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  • ns
    ‘Real Site Data Logging’

    We offer a whole range ‘Real Site Conditional Logging’. We collate actual running data and extrapolate it into actual C.O.P’s & E.E.R’s. We then use these figures to guide End Users to power saving savings tailored to their HVAC Plant. < CASE ST...

  • airedale1
    ‘Free Cooling Condenser HX Retrofit’

    We undertake the design of the replacement combined Free Cooling / DX Condenser Coils with all the lift & shift and mechanical handling carried out in-house. < CASE STUDY – AIR COOLED CONDENSER HX RETROFIT >.  ...

  • carel_mcquay
    ‘Carel Control System Upgrades / Retrofits’

    We retrofit Carel Controls into any Chiller Manufacturer’s control panels.   < CASE STUDY – CAREL CONTROL SYSTEM UPGRADE/RETROFIT >.  ...